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Sharing the amazing work our members do! Great job Jeffrey Cartwright CTR,CWT.

Ron Ringo, Jr., PhD, LSW, CTTS, TFTdx, MAC, CST, CCCJS is a long-time member of ATSS. He is also an actor and was involved with the marketing of Mel Gibson’s movie “Hacksaw Ridge”. He is also involved with the movie “UNBROKEN: Path to Redemption” which will be in theatres, September 14th. It is the sequel to “UNBROKEN” and continues the true story of Olympian and World War II hero Louis Zamperini.

WATCH the YOUTUBE video here.

DOWNLOAD "Breaking Addictions Grip" by Marian K. Volkman
reprinted with permisssion by Paradigm Magazine, Las Vegas, NV. (PDF file)

Anne Curtis, CTSS, is a long time member and gifted drama therapist who is helping individuals deal with the traumatic stress of Parkinson’s disease and traumatic grief. The following information and video are excellent examples of the utilization of creative arts for healing traumatic wounds by a very creative person.
Download “Addressing Traumatic Stress brought on by Chronic or Terminal Illness” by Anne M. Curtis, MA, CTSS, RDT (WORD DOC)
Download Parkinson's World Conference Poster (PDF)
Florida Hospital (Orlando) Drama Therapy Video (MP4)

Dealing with the horror of the Orlando homicides.  

ATSS member, Jennifer Wolff's interview with WLTX-TV in Columbia, SC.

Christine Dernederlanden - 2017 Niagara Catholic’s Distinguished Alumni award recipient

Christine Dernederlanden is a long time ATSS member and Certified Trauma Services Specialist from St. Catharines, Ontario. Christine experienced two life altering events as a young person, the tragic loss of her older brother and shortly after that, doctors feared she had developed bone cancer. These events altered her life and as an adult, she became involved in grief and trauma work.

Christine designed a program called H.U.G.S.(Helping Understand Grief Sessions) to help students affected by grief, an Empathy Bear which is a teddy bear that cries and is the award winning author of Where is Robert?, a book that helps children understand and process grief. The kit was used to help more than 6,000 children following the 9/11 attacks.  Christine was deployed to Ground Zero a month after the attacks, to aid the families. Where is Robert? is a resource frequently used by police services, victim services groups and other emergency responders.  Christine also founded a company, Roberts Press, that has a catalogue of books and resources for dealing with grief and trauma. 

For her tireless work in the field of trauma and grief, Christine’s former high school recently recognized her as one of Niagara Catholic’s Distinguished Alumni.

ATSS congratulates Christine on receiving this honour and we appreciate the work that she does in the field of trauma and the support she gives ATSS!