SUPPORT AND RESOURCES AVAILABLE to Las Vegas victims and survivors!

For victims, survivors and caregivers of Las Vegas, NV and other traumatic events, resources can be found on our Resources link and at:

Responding to Community Tragedies

Behavioral Health Resources To Foster Resilience


The emotional toll from the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida and other areas, continues to resonate both locally and nationwide. Following a tragedy of this magnitude, mental health support can make a substantial difference in beginning to heal a traumatized community. SAMHSA has tools and resources to support survivors, community members, responders, and behavioral health providers to foster recovery and resilience.  Resources for Survivors, Community Members, Responders and Behavioral Health Providers can be found at our ATSS Resources link.

About ATSS

Traumatic events such as natural disasters, war, terrorism, territorial conflict, violent victimization and sudden unnatural loss have affected individuals in all communities globally. The Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists (ATSS) is an international organization dedicated to excellence in services and support to individuals impacted by these and other events.

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Our Mission

The mission of the Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists (ATSS) is to organize, educate and professionally certify its worldwide membership in order to assist those affected by trauma. ATSS provides and promotes opportunities for training and education in the field of traumatic stress, and professionally recognizes evidence of service, education and experience by those individuals engaged in trauma treatment, services and response.

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Management & Contact Info.

Jayne Crisp, CTS, Administrator
5000 Old Buncombe Road, Suite 27-11
Greenville, South Carolina 29617 USA
P: 864-294-4337
M: 864-420-2379


Members become part of an established group of some of the most internationally recognized experts in the field of trauma.

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Certifications entitle members to be recognized as having met a rigorous standard of training, education, knowledge and experiential requirements in trauma services, trauma response or trauma treatment

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* Promote Your Training!

Learn how ATSS can promote your training and provide it with recognition toward certification!

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Support and resources available!

For victims, survivors and caregivers of Charleston, SC, Lafayette, LA and other traumatic events, resources can be found on our Resources link and at:

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