About Us

ATSS is an international organization dedicated to recognizing professional excellence in services, support and treatment of individuals impacted by traumatic events.

Benefits of ATSS membership include:

  • Personal attention from staff and board members;

  • Networking opportunities;

  • Access to trauma-focused research; publications and resources;

  • An online membership directory;

  • Access to information about training, education and on-line trauma focused courses;

  • A biennial trauma-focused conference;

  • Personal assistance with certification application preparation through our certification sponsor program;

  • Professional recognition with a certification that recognizes your particular area of expertise.

 ATSS offers three professional certifications:

The Certified Trauma Services (CTS) designation is appropriate for counselors and treatment specialists,facilitators of trauma recovery groups, hypnotherapists, art or drama therapists, individuals who provide Thought Field Therapy, Traumatic Incident Reduction, EMDR, meridian based therapies, and/or individual, group and/or family counseling to trauma survivors. 

The Certified Trauma Services Specialists (CTSS) designation is appropriate for those engaged in short term traumatic stress assistance, peer counseling, advocacy, crisis support and response for victims, family members, co-victims, and survivors of trauma. 

The Certified Trauma Responder (CTR) is appropriate for those engaged in critical incident response and intervention, group crisis intervention, debriefing, or emergency response. 

Certifications entitle members to be recognized as having met a rigorous standard of educational and experiential requirements in the field of trauma services.



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